Wafer Biscuits

Norwegian Krumkaker

This is my dads work. Every winter he makes this for me, and I¨m very grateful of cause

It´s not to difficult but it is time-consuming, and our time is precious, especially with 7 horses that depends on me

So everytime someone bring their lovely homemade food for me, I feel very grateful


Krumkake is a Norwegian waffle cookie made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and cream.  


What you need:

A Krumkake iron and possibly a curved cake stick if you like to roll them when they´re still warm


4 pcs eggs
250 g sugar
250g butter, melted
250g plain flour
½ teaspoon ground cardamom (optional)


What to do :

Beat the eggs and sugar until fluffy. Stir in the butter, flour and cardamom. Let the batter swell for about 1 hour.
Add a large teaspoon stir in the middle of the hot iron. Bake cakes golden yellow at low heat.

If you find that the batter becomes thick gradually, dilute with a little water to make it thinner again.
Shape into cones around a curved cake stick quickly while the cake is still piping hot.

If you want to sculpt cakes to strull (a straight pipe), use a stick and roll the cake around. You can also add the cakes over a cup.

You will receive a form that you can fill with cream and often fresh berries, or whatever you want.
Keep curved cakes in tight box.

A good rule of thumb for wafer biscuits is that you should use as much flour, sugar and butter as of eggs weight

So if 4 eggs weighing 250 grams, you need 250 grams of sugar, 250 grams of butter and 250 grams of flour.