Feel good breakfast

I love to start my day with a coffee, but after an hour or two I´m really hungry. An oatmeal does the work for me.

A big bowl of varm porridge with fresh berries on top taste just delicious and gives me plenty of energi and power for a hard working day in the stable

You be surprised to see how long you can go before you get hungry again !



FACTS : oats are the most popular cultivar when talking porridge.

With its sweet taste and its low gluten content is oats perfect for making porridge


What you need :

3 dl rolled oats
3 dl water
3 dl milk

Topping :

50 g toasted almonds

Fresh berries

- Mash half a banana into the porridge if you want it sweeter


What you do :

Boil all ingredients on high heat
Turn down to medium heat when it boils
Let it cook until it has a right consistency
About 7-8 minutes
Season with salt


Serving : 

Add the porridge in deep plates or bowls and top it with almonds and fresh berries.
Maybe a little cane sugar eventually